Zurich Risk Room

Zurich is offering Zurich Risk Room to its Global Corporate Customers.
Please contact your Global Relationship Leader or send an email to riskroom@zurich.com for information on how to be granted access to it.


The Zurich Risk Room is a Java Webstart application. Click on the launch button, accept the site certificates and allow the Java Webstart Console to launch the tool in order to start using it. You will be requested to enter your Zurich Risk Room username and password - contact support to get one.
Initial startup may take some time!


Online Training Module

Walk through this step-by-step Online Training Module to make yourself familiar with the basic working principles of the Zurich Risk Room.


User Manual

For an in-detail description of utilization and concepts please consult the User Manual.



Still struggling? We're here to help: riskroom@zurich.com. Requests will generally be answered within 3 working days.



 - Operating System: Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7
 - 32 Bit Java Runtime (Sun), Version 1.6 or higher


 - Graphics Card with support for OpenGL 2.0 or higher
 - 2 GB RAM or more
 - At least 256 MB of Video RAM


Disclaimer and Cautionary Statement
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